2021 Thursday Sand Volleyball League First Match Times

Thursday 2-Man A TeamsMay 20th Match Time
Sandy Cheeks 6:00
Phil & Matt6:00
Basically Huge7:00
Zach and Keith6:00
Brady & Dave6:00
Angry Dragons8:00
Need Team8:00
Thursday 3 Person B TeamsMay 20th Match Time
Marky Mark & The Funky Bumps7:00
Swat Team8:00
Church Ladies7:00
The Billy’s9:00
Triple Cuts9:00
Thursday Mixed BB TeamsMay 20th Match Time
Youngblut Motors7:00
Team Misfits7:00
Here For A Good Time8:00
Volley Llamas 8:00
The 10th Inning7:00
How I Set Your Mother7:00
Thursday Mixed B TeamsMay 20th Match Time
Nacho Friends7:00
Dirty Birds6:00
Meatballs 8:00
WCS Black8:00
WCS Regents6:00
Knights 7:00
WCS Gold8:00
Brielle Kiewiet8:00
Thursday Mixed C TeamsMay 20th Match Time
Block N Roll7:00
Hits Don't Lie8:00
I Have Sand Down There9:00
One Bump Chumps9:00
Bye Week7:00
Just For Fun6:00
Ball Whisperers6:00
The Disgruntled Pelicans6:00