2021 Wednesday Sand Volleyball First Match Times

Wednesday 4-Person A TeamsMay 19th Match Time
Passholes8:00 PM
Warner8:00 PM
NIL86:00 PM
Skadoosh6:00 PM
Basically Huge7:00 PM
Some Volleyball Name7:00 PM
Wednesday 4-Person BB TeamsMay 19th Match Time
Beer Me7:00 PM
Squad7:00 PM
Block Party 2.07:00 PM
Sandy KRAB7:00 PM
Green team 6:00 PM
Party of 46:00 PM
The Swarm8:00 PM
YouTube Trained8:00 PM
Gettin Diggy Wit It8:00 PM
Party’s here 8:00 PM
I Need a Sub6:00 PM
Natural Born Hitters6:00 PM
Wednesday 4-Person B TeamsMay 19th Match Time
4Wheelin'6:00 PM
Last Place7:00 PM
Setting Ducks7:00 PM
Two bump chumps 6:00 PM
You've Been Served6:00 PM
IST9:00 PM
B Team
9:00 PM
Sandy Ballz7:00 PM
WCS White7:00 PM
J-LAG8:00 PM
Will Work For Sets8:00 PM
Wednesday Women's TeamsMay 19th Match Time
Hit & Miss6:00 PM
Kiss My Ace6:00 PM
Oh, Sh*t! 7:00 PM
B League7:00 PM
Relics in Rotation8:00 PM
Notorious D.I.G.8:00 PM
Volley Dollies8:00 PM
Preferred Rate Insurance8:00 PM
Itsy Bitsy Spikers9:00 PM
Sets on the First Date9:00 PM