2021 Tuesday Sand Volleyball First Match Times

Tuesday 2-Mixed A TeamsMay 18th Match Time
Holterhaus8:00 PM
Zach and Payton8:00 PM
Petersen/Grassley7:00 PM
Michael Maiers7:00 PM
Arndorfer 6:00 PM
Need Team6:00 PM
Tuesday 2-Man BB TeamsMay 18th Match Time
2 Bump Dump6:00 PM
Petersen/Coulter6:00 PM
2 Sets-y7:00 PM
Selesky MFG7:00 PM
Beavis and Bumphead9:00 PM
Puff & Pass9:00 PM
Team Griz8:00 PM
Petersen/Petersen8:00 PM
Bobbi & Jennifer6:00 PM
Show me the money6:00 PM
Double Trouble7:00 PM
Noah & Hanna7:00 PM
Garret & Staci9:00 PM
MJ9:00 PM
Here for the cardio8:00 PM
Ma and Pa8:00 PM
Bill & Ted's Excellent Volleyball AdventureBYE
Tuesday 4-Person B TeamsMay 18th Match Time
Youngblut Motors6:00 PM
Hot Girl Bumping6:00 PM
That's What She Set6:00 PM
Sets on the Beach6:00 PM
Notorious D.I.G7:00 PM
Classic Don7:00 PM
Cory Andorf7:00 PM
J48:00 PM
That’s What She Set8:00 PM
Milroys 9:00 PM
Balls Deep Baby9:00 PM
Tuesday Women's League TeamsMay 18th Match Time
Smack Shack6:00 PM
WCS Green6:00 PM
WCS Yellow7:00 PM
Mom’s Night Out7:00 PM
Shampizel8:00 PM
Buzzs8:00 PM
Volley Llamas 3: Llama Llama Llama8:00 PM
Croc rockers 8:00 PM