Junior Tennis

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Black Hawk Tennis Club has an exceptional youth tennis program and has developed many high school state tennis champions, collegiate tennis players and many that play tennis to help with socialization, hand-eye coordination, competitiveness and learning to work hard to improve skills. Tennis is much more than just a sport; it teaches life skills which we can all use later in life.  Membership isn’t a requirement to take tennis lessons at the Black Hawk Tennis Club, however it is needed to reserve court for match play, participate in Junior League, and other activities.  The small monthly investment for a Junior Membership is extremely beneficial for juniors to excel in their play-ability. Match play is a vital part of their development. Please see the front desk or talk with one of the tennis pros for more information on how you can help your junior take their game to the next level.

Junior Beginner Tennis – USTA Progression 10&u Tennis 

This is an introduction to the basic elements of tennis with quality instructors to ensure a positive, successful, and fun experience using the USTA’s 10 and under tennis format. To participate in our beginner programs you do not have to be a club member. Monthly session payments are made at the beginning of each month or you may drop-in and pay per class.

For more information on USTA Youth Progression or to watch a video go to:



2022 Summer Tennis Camps

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RED & ORANGE BALL GROUP (ages 4-10 years)

This is a fun introduction to basic tennis play. Clinics include play based instruction and learning to play matches. All classes use the  red and orange balls and the appropriate sized court.

GREEN BALL GROUP (ages 7-10 years) & YELLOW BALL (11-14 Beginners)

This introductory class teaches tennis for ages 7-10 years. Classes will include play-based learning and learning to play matches. All classes will use the green (green dot) ball on a full-sized court.

Requires the student must have graduated from the USTA Orange Ball progression level.  


(ages 11+ or have graduated the USTA Progression Green Ball)

This program is for junior players who can play points, know scoring and the rules and can play a match. Players will learn strategy, and continue to learn proper techniques and some conditioning to improve footwork and endurance.


This clinic is intended for high school teams that wish to improve his or her technique and improve match strategy and open to boys or girls that play on high school teams.


Summer 2022 High Performance & Elite Groups

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High Performance Academy
Players that are selected for this group are dedicated to improving their tennis game and competing in tournaments and have been taking lessons for awhile. Players can expect a great deal of conditioning, intense drills, repetitive hitting, point-play and strategy. Players in the group are also required to participate in Matchplay opportunities. USTA Tournament play is required and extremely important to learn to use skills taught during training.
Elite Academy
Players selected for this group have the same requirements as HPI, but in addition players must be competing in USTA 14U tournaments and higher and must hold a top 100 ranking in the Missouri Valley section at the time of the class starting. It can be reviewed on a month to month basis, and can only be brought to our attention by the applicant. *We will also review on a case to case basis if he/she plays in the top of their varsity high school tennis team in place of USTA.


Junior  League is available for students that are ready to play matches and learn how to compete. It is where you take everything learned in group and private lessons and compete against another student. League is critical to help students learn to play different style players and even players at a different level. It is vital that students are playing matches weekly in addition to their regular group and private lessons, to learn to compete and take their skills to the next level.



Chris Sagers: $60.00/Hour

Javier Hervas: $60.00/Hour

Tara Sagers: $60.00/Hour

 *Plus tax

**Any cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson time, and charges will be applied to account due to inconvenience for the tennis professionals, and for the court time that went unused.